About us

Meshed Group was established over ten years ago with a mission to help education institutions improve, innovate and grow by offering a suite of proven technological solutions, support and expertise.

We continue this proud mission today, building Enterprise Management Systems (EMS), customised software, CRM platforms and web applications, such as Meshed Higher-Ed, Meshed RTOManager, Meshed Workflow, together with consulting services. Our products make a positive difference to Universities, Colleges and Institutions around Australia every day.

Meshed Group values the education sector as an important part of society. This drives us to be an integral part of the industry and remain at the forefront of technology to continue to play our part in furthering education in Australia.

At Meshed Group, we strive to always deliver quality solutions at a competitive price to give our clients the support and advantage they need to overcome challenges and achieve success.

To do this, we equip ourselves with the latest digital technology, tools and processes, and hire the best and most experienced people to ensure we fulfil our promises and establish long-term relationships with you, our clients.

We don’t just provide software. We deliver real outcomes to educational institutions.

We take the time to truly understand your business and tailor the ideal comprehensive solution that both meets your requirements and drives your business forward.

Our customer support is of a high standard, and we have a list of clients who can attest to this. We partner with you throughout the entire project development and implementation process and continue to support you long into the future to ensure your investment continues to deliver without complication or disruption.

Working with Meshed Group gives you a technology partner that you can trust.

Why Partner with Meshed Group?

Everything we do is to support you and your business’ success.

  • We focus on your needs to find the right solutions
  • Meshed Group specialises in the education industry
  • We’re passionate about building powerful systems and software for business
  • Our goal is to tailor technology to drive your growth and innovation
  • We offer exceptional service to make everything simple
  • We’re flexible and can cater to your specific needs
  • We’re cost-effective and efficient
  • We focus on simplifying processes
  • Most importantly, we listen and deliver real solutions.