What our clients are saying

  • We find that working with RTO Manager VET provides an easy-to-follow, elegantly simple platform for administering the student and academic management side of running our RTO efficiently and effectively. From time to time, we make requests for customised add-ons and features and I find the process is collaborative and straight forward. The Meshed Group provide prompt support to our various needs and its pleasing that their staff possess advanced product knowledge to respond to our needs.

    Luciano D’Ambrosi
    General Manager
    George Brown College
  • When Macquarie University English Language Centre was looking for a new student management system, we were looking for something which was logical, user-friendly, and which would allow us to improve our business processes and increase efficiency. We were also looking for a provider who understands the ELICOS sector and would help us maintain ESOS compliance.

    With RTOManager we have been able to process our enrolments faster through seamless uploads, reducing the need for manual data entry.  We also have confidence that it logically and accurately calculates attendance, which helps us maintain compliance.
    We have been very happy with how RTOManager has met our business and operational needs. Although the fees may be a bit higher than our previous system, the overall running cost is much lower due to increased efficiency. It has been a pleasure working with Pramesh, and we admire his knowledge and intelligence in building this system.

    Philip White
    Operations Manager
    Macquarie University English Language Centre (ELC)
  • I have been working with RTOManager team over three years. I get to know everyone in the support and project teams. The team is very friendly and helpful.

    Their ‘can-do’ attitude really help us achieve our business objectives and outcomes. They are the vendor of my choice.

    Hein Ko Ko
    Business/System Support Analyst
    Performance Education
  • I am writing this email to say Thank you, for providing a great customer service so far. I think you need to know that your team is doing a great job of understanding our requirements and addressing it promptly with patience.

    As you know that every RTO is different so as their requirements and your team has been fantastic so far in providing customised solutions to our requirements. We are really glad that we have chosen RTO manager to manage our students. I am sure, the service will only get better and better.

    Maitrey Shah | Morton College
  • We see the whole business now, in real time. We run everything except the non-academic accounts through RTOManager. We make more confident decisions about our business as we see the full picture and can react quickly

    Daniel Burt | Kent Institute of Business and Technology
  • RTOManager enables Educational Institutions to enhance efficiency, eliminate human errors and provide quick access to relevant data. Being internet based it is accessible anywhere, anytime. The system is capable of generating useful reports at the designated levels. RTOManager manages Attendance, Fees, Timetables, Results, AQTF and ESOS Compliance and much more. I just wanted to let you know that we are very impressed with your support and customer service. It is so incredibly nice to work with a company who actually cares about its customers.

    Sonal Bhatt | Australis Institute of Technology and Education
  • RTO Manager has provided Cadence Health & Nutrition Courses with a way to improve our level of productivity, reduce errors, enhance the students learning experience and improve quality. We find the technical support is excellent.

    Leanne Cooper | Cadence Health
  • As a new and rapidly growing RTO, we are very pleased we invested in RTOManager as the technology platform for Chambers Institute in the first year of opening. RTOManager has reduced a lot of manual administration work, saved hours of time, and has been very helpful in automating our business processes. The more we learn about RTOManager, the more we get out of the system and the more efficient we get managing our students and our business. We use a lot of agents to sign up students and particularly like the commission tracking functionality and the payment schedule and processing options. We were surprised at the level of support - the help desk often responds in 15 minutes, which is very rare for IT companies these days.

    Chambers Institute