About us

Meshed Group was established in 2007 to enable businesses to transform, innovate and grow by providing smart and powerful technological solutions. We build enterprise management systems, software, CRM platforms, and web applications. We provide networking services and digital design. And, we have a suite of products for the education industry.

At Meshed Group we strive to be leading-edge. We equip ourselves with the latest technology, tools and processes so we can deliver a quality solution at a competitive price to give our clients technological advantage.

To over-deliver is a promise. We seek to understand your business need and provide a technological solution to meet your brief and drive your business. We partner with you through all development phases and stick around to ensure your investment continues to deliver. We’re motivated watching your business grow.

Customer service is our difference. Our team knows how to say no in 10 languages but they usually never do. A ‘can do’ attitude prevails in our team and is applied to all our projects and clients. Our support continues from the project development stage through to implementation and beyond. Hiring Meshed Group gives you a long-term technology partner.

Why Partner with Meshed Group?

  • We focus on your needs
  • We love to build systems and software for business
  • We think technology supports business not vice versa
  • We offer unparalleled service
  • We’re flexible
  • We’re cost effective and efficient
  • We focus on simplifying processes though our systems
  • We listen